Managed Service Provider

We know that a great MSP partner has to deliver on more than cost. They need to provide value to every part of your business. We’ve got your best solution.

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IC Complete

Safe access to the best independent contractors starts here. IC Complete is a new solution that will help your business not just weather the storm, but thrive in it.

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Services Procurement

We’re leading the way in services procurement / statement of work. We bring together every type of talent, so you can focus on what matters most—your core business.

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Identity Management

See your talent like never before. Identity Management provides a platform to keep track of everyone, outside of your directly engaged employees, who has access to your systems and buildings.

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Human Cloud

Don’t just access some of the best talent. Access all of it. Our Human Cloud solution makes it happen, by guaranteeing your access to highly skilled, niche talent through qualified cloud channels.

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Direct Sourcing

Direct sourcing provides you with an engaged talent community—one that meets your on-demand business needs by combining your brand and our talent expertise. We call it the best of both worlds.

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Helix UX

Helix UX is embedded into our MSP solutions. It’s a single point of entry that gives you access to all your active talent solutions, with powerful analytics that mean you’re always compliant and up to date.

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