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“I wish buying services was even more complicated,” said no one ever. Our services procurement solutions help you cut out complexities and simplify your access to services—because we believe in making things easy, smart, and efficient. Sound like something you want to be a part of?

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Let's talk services procurement.

On average, companies spend about $4 billion a year on services—such as IT, HR, consulting, and R&D. That’s a lot of money! How do you make sure it’s going to the right places at your organization? How do you ensure you’re not using an outdated, one-size-fits-all approach for your services? Or worse, ignoring important aspects of your business?

It’s time for a smarter, modern solution. You need a focused services procurement solution. One that gives you enhanced visibility, controls, and risk mitigation.

At KellyOCG, we partner with you to design simple, impactful, and fully personalized procurement solutions. Plus, our solutions are powered by industry-leading technology—so you can rest easy knowing we’re doing the research and homework for you.


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Simplified process

Because who likes things complicated? Rely on us for best practices that directly support program growth. We’re here to make it simple for engagement managers—so you can focus on your projects, instead of cumbersome processes.

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Enhanced visibility

No more being left in the dark. Our proprietary Helix portal makes the invisible visible—providing insights into services deployment, performance, and spend that are impossible to see in most enterprise systems. Decision-making just got that much brighter.

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Cost control

Every penny counts with your services spend. Count on us to inform your category strategies, create/maintain preferred supplier lists, and ensure negotiated rates are in place. Getting the right services at the right price is what we’re all about.

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Increased compliance

We know your policies and procedures were carefully created—but they don’t always apply to every services contract. We’ll help you shape your contract terms to accurately reflect your rules and regulations: ensuring every services engagement at every spend level is safe and compliant.


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Agile design

Tired of one-size-fits-all solutions? You’re in the right spot. We use the latest services buying tools and technologies to create truly custom solutions that match your existing processes and priorities—all while giving you the expertise and capacity to achieve more.

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Our people

Working with people who actually understand your business makes all the difference. We’ve worked alongside some of the biggest and brightest organizations around the world and are ready to bring our specialized, innovative experience to you.

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Complementary tech stack

You need a tech stack that propels you forward. Lucky for you, it’s what we specialize in. We’ll look at your existing approach and create a customized VMS configuration—supported by our internal tools and proprietary technologies that will take you further in meeting your goals.

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Effective supplier management

We’ve got it all on the menu. Whether you need a single expert from the human cloud, support to connect with a proven preferred supplier, or help uncovering a new specialist services provider—we provide simple, curated access to the custom services and bright talent you need.

Time to talk services procurement

Cut complexity, improve your access to services, and achieve more. Explore this guide to learn more about the tools and support we offer and find out how we do things differently.

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Managed Service Provider

We know that a great MSP partner has to deliver on more than cost savings. They need to provide value to every part of your business. We’ve got your best solution.

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Direct Sourcing

Direct sourcing provides you with an engaged talent community—one that meets your on-demand business needs by combining your brand and our talent expertise. We call it the best of both worlds.

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FAQs about services procurement.

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  • What’s different about choosing KellyOCG for my Services Procurement?

  • My current provider isn’t cutting it. What can I do?


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