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Should payroll be focused purely on transactions? Not here. We do things different. At KellyOCG, people are always at the center of what we do. We’re passionate about building a brighter work future.
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Payroll that’s more than a paycheck.

It’s time to embrace a new type of payroll with KellyOCG. We do payroll different, putting people back where they belong—at the center of the process. No matter how complex your business, our solutions can plug employee care seamlessly into your existing payroll platform.

As the Employer of Record (EOR), we’ll treat your employees like our own to offer a great talent experience including:

  • Employee On/Off Boarding
  • Employee Care – dress code, key info, and training
  • Workers' Comp and Unemployment processing
  • Benefits and payroll processing – health, PTO, and more
  • Access to a talent community that gives them regular insights and updates on your organization

Our payroll solutions take a different approach that helps you retain proven talent, and reduces administrative burden to increase the time you can spend on your core business. Meanwhile you’ll reduce the people risks you face, and deliver a better experience for your talent.

Why Kelly
180,000 how many paychecks we process every week
99% the retention rate of employees managed under our payroll solutions
20+ years how long we've been providing payroll outsourcing to our clients

FAQs about Payroll Outsourcing

  • Isn't processing payroll a straightforward transactional job that I can handle myself?

  • How are you different to the transactional payroll providers out there?


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