In demand recruiters, on demand.

You need to hire the right talent, and you need the right recruiters to hire them. KellyOCG’s Recruiter On Demand provides you with just that. Access our recruiting and sourcing talent who are seasoned experts in current recruiting technology and processes. We know your business moves quickly and our recruiters move just as fast to find, attract, and engage candidates. When you work with our talent, you’ll tap into recruiters who receive ongoing training and keep up-to-date on best practices. And, our talent is dedicated, eager, and ready to integrate with your team to give your business the necessary support and flexibility. So get the reinforcements you need, immediately, with KellyOCGs Recruiter on Demand. Because what’s ours, can be yours.

  • Need recruiters to help you scale and flex with your changing business demands? What’s ours is yours.
  • Need recruiters to meet sudden spikes in hiring? What’s ours is yours.
  • Need recruiting and sourcing help for your internal TA? What’s ours is yours.
  • Need recruiters to help you improve candidate flow? What’s ours is yours.
  • Need to reduce recruiting costs, but need experienced recruiters? What’s ours is yours.
Why Kelly


of CEOs worry about talent and fear HR can’t do all that’s needed.


more recruiter jobs were posted in June 2021 vs. June 2020, and we have the recruiters you need.


of consumers expect companies to interact and engage in real-time.

FAQs about Recruiter On Demand

What does Recruiter On Demand solve for my business?

Whether you have a new business initiative, a new product launch, are seeking greater agility and sourcing support, or need the flexibility to add staff and don’t have much time, we can quickly adjust your workforce, find you quality staff to meet your current demands, address a sudden spike in hiring, and flexibility add fully trained and full of expertise recruiters to your staff.

How has Recruiter On Demand proved successful for other businesses?

Over the course of the pandemic, we partnered with an international logistics company to extend 2,857 candidate offers with an average cycle time of 2.6 days, and a retail financial services organization to complete 700 hires in the first five months. In both cases, the projects were extended and our relationships continue to evolve today.

When should I choose Recruiter On Demand vs. a full RPO solution?

A full RPO solution is beneficial when you want KellyOCG to act as your full workforce solution partner and manage all of your full time hiring needs. If this sounds more like what you need, check out our RPO solution to learn more.

What type of talent is available through Recruiter On Demand?

Vetted and trained recruiting talent in any area of the business, from life sciences and technical to professional and industrial, and vetted sourcing talent ready to find you the volume of talent you need.

How long can I hire Recruiter On Demand talent?

This solution is highly flexible and built around your individual business needs. We work with you and your business demands and jump in with expert recruiting and sourcing talent to support you. You can feel confident knowing that our talent, whether it’s one recruiter or multiple, can seamlessly work with your team for as short or as long as you need.



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