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You need talent. The best talent. You need to hire them fast. And you need to before your competitors do.

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The business of doing business is moving fast.  Are you?

Whether you're hiring for the short-term or the long, KellyOCG Boost-powered by Helix-is RPO on your terms.  All while ensuring that you get what you need:  high-volume, full-time hires. And fast.

To give your business that....boost.


  • Our digital solution is scalable and customizable.

  • We have a deep understanding of the talent market, and what attracts them to move.


  • Boost is powered by Helix, the most sophisticated, efficient, and cost-effective recruitment technology.

  • With a mobile-first approach, we ensure a great candidate experience every time, at every interaction.


  • Our tech plugs straight in to fully integrate with your existing processes, recruitment campaigns, and technology solutions.

  • We're a global company, with a local approach, that can act with agility.
Why Kelly?
6.6% is the forecasted GDP growth in the second quarter of 2021
82% of CEOs worry about talent and fear HR can't do all that's needed.
57% of CEOs report difficulty finding qualified workers.

RPO Boost: The Next Level of Innovation

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Look no further. You’ve heard all the hype, and now the hype is here.

To learn all about the inner workings of our all new RPO – KellyOCG Boost, powered by Helix, tune in to our webinar. 

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Boost FAQs

  • How can I engage needed talent?

  • How many candidates can I hire at once?

  • How do you ensure the right fit for my business?

  • How is this solution the best value, at the lowest cost?


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