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A powerful portal to engage and manage all your talent in one place. Ready to use when you need it, giving you the visibility and insight you need to advance your total talent strategy.

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Your decision to use Helix UX is as simple as using it.

When we created Helix UX we set out with a single aim: to take the BS out of engaging and managing talent. There wasn’t a simple, singular portal out there that gave customers access to all the talent they need in one place. So we built one—an easy, intuitive, personalized portal that you can trust to give you full visibility and insight into your contingent and third-party workforce. You're always compliant and up-to-date, so you’re always ahead of the curve.

What you get with Helix UX:


  • Single, powerful technology portal for all types of talent sourcing and engagement
  • Easy, guided routes to correct talent channels (channels like gig, IC, contingent, full-time, services suppliers)
  • Once hired, managers can return to the portal for support, reporting, and information
  • Capture of data analytics that provide valuable insights


  • Self-generated requisitions, reports, and information without the need for external assistance
  • Inquiries managed, escalated, and closed—no need to chase
  • Delivery of tailored market insight
  • HR analytics delivered and presented automatically
  • Automated updates and technology additions released regularly
  • Industry articles and thought leadership at your fingertips


  • Customized branding and color schemes that can match your own
  • Custom URL and login
  • A portal that can adjust to both hiring manager and program sponsor roles
  • Customized portal analytics and reporting


  • Streamlined, minimal user interface with simple navigation featuring three core calls to action
  • Direct, live access to the Kelly team
  • Overlays with your existing recruitment and procurement technologies including VMS tools, allowing for quick implementation
  • Simple links to other recruitment technologies


  • How quickly can I start using Helix UX?

  • What will users see on entering Helix UX?

  • Do I need all my talent programs to be run by Kelly to use Helix UX?

  • Can you brand Helix UX to suit my organization?

  • How can Helix UX help me in my journey to total talent management?


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