Workforce Supplier Engagement

Providing the world’s best workforce solutions demands genuine engagement with all KellyOCG stakeholders—our customers, candidates, and employees—as well as our supplier base. We monitor engagement through a key metric, Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures the loyalty of each stakeholder audience to KellyOCG.

KellyOCG is the only major workforce solutions firm to track supplier engagement. Like NPS, our strategy presumes that suppliers satisfied with our approach to supplier relations are more likely to recommend KellyOCG, and want to support us in other customer programs.

For business-to-business company transactions—the closest standard available for comparison—world-class NPS scores range from 50–75%, whereas a score of 10–30% is considered average. In 2009, Staffing Industry Analysts reported the U.S. staffing industry average B2B NPS as 13%. Our analogous score for supplier engagement was 43%.

Recent Supplier Survey Highlights

The positive results from our latest supplier engagement survey reflect the holistic business assistance that KellyOCG offers to suppliers, which helps to increase their potential bottom lines. Highlights include:

Highly Likely to Support – 62% of suppliers indicated that they would be ‘highly likely’—ratings of 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale—to provide services as a supplier to another KellyOCG program. More than 80% would be ‘likely.’

  • Why? Performance-proven partnerships. KellyOCG ensures that high-performing suppliers have greater access to customer requisitions they excel at delivering.

Benefit Financially – 52% of suppliers strongly believe that they have benefited financially from our relationship, and have acquired more opportunities or grown their businesses since partnering with KellyOCG.

  • Why? Expanded business opportunities. KellyOCG ensures suppliers access to an extensive range of specialized customer orders with equitable distribution.

Onboarding Satisfaction – 75% of suppliers are ‘satisfied’—rating 7 or above on a 10-point scale—with the KellyOCG onboarding process, comprising our supplier agreement, insurance, and application procedures.

  • Why? Speed to market. KellyOCG offers suppliers accelerated onboarding with consistent payment and business processes for faster, more efficient operation.

Supporting Resources

The Kelly Supplier Strategy & Engagement Team supports our engagement philosophy, while other key resources to suppliers in working with KellyOCG include:

For more information on the value that KellyOCG can deliver to suppliers, contact us via e-mail at