Recruitment Success in a Suburban District of Malaysia

Recruitment Success in a Suburban District of Malaysia

Delivering an end-to-end RPO solutions, KellyOCG helps the Malaysian plant for an American semiconductor company fill long-time vacancies with niche, difficult-to-source talent.

An American semiconductor plant in Malaysia was struggling to attract the niche talent needed to fill multiple roles in a timely manner - and the cost of the vacancies were beginning to significantly impact the bottom line.

The company had exhausted seemingly all of its sourcing options, leveraging all forms of marketing and engaging a number of staffing and search firms, with no result. They had discovered that a number of factors were working against them.

The Company

An American semiconductor plant in Malaysia conducted the back-end processes for a global memory and storage technologies company.

The Challenge

Faced with a number of obstacles including plant location, sourcing requirement, and budget, the plant was unsuccessful in its year-long attempt to fill critical vacant roles.

The Solution

In order to fill 12 extremely challenging positions quickly and cost-effectively, KellyOCG delivered an innovative modular end-to-end RPO solution.

The Result

KellyOCG successfully filled all vacant roles within just four months, while simultaneously educating the company of recruitment best practices

Our Value

  • Filled critical vacant roles quickly
  • Streamlined sourcing processes
  • Educated client on recruitment best practices



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