Talent Re-alignment Initiative: Powered by Technology, Driven by Advisory

Talent Re-alignment Initiative: Powered by Technology, Driven by Advisory

To help a Malaysian non-profit organisation efficiently move forward after a radical restructuring, KellyOCG® helped provide context for a new business plan through effective assessments.

A leading oil and gas company was looking to elevate its internally-managed service program (MSP) to a best-in-class global contingent talent program. However, the organization struggled to accurately pinpoint the shortcomings within its program strategy and lacked a comprehensive overview of how it compared to peers, making the desired transformation a challenge.

A Malaysian non-profit organisation was facing major leadership and organisational changes and needed to restructure its business in a very aggressive manner. One of the key measures was to reduce the present number of functional verticals in which they operated by 70%. These seismic changes led to a plethora of resignations and non-performance.

The Company 

A Malaysian non-profit organisation with a strong presence in country, specialising in training and development of the workforce.

The Solution

KellyOCG conducted staff interviews and assessments to gain a better understanding of the situation, stakeholder concerns and objectives, and proposed relevant action items aimed at addressing the concerns that were diagnosed.

The Challenge

A key leadership change sparked the consolidation of the company operating structure to a much leaner one, wherein talent needed to be reviewed for better alignment with the new model. During this time, lack of clear communication led to retention distress and low performance, which translated to a loss of customer confidence.

The Result

The new leadership endorsed KellyOCG findings on the organisation state of matter and engaged us to design and conduct similar roles assessment solution for pre-hires.