RPO Solution for a Global Automotive Alliance's India Branch

RPO Solution for a Global Automotive Alliance's India Branch

Although the world’s largest automotive alliance had operations in India for over 10 years, the company didn’t have an effective talent recruitment strategy for the region. The company had never implemented standard interview tactics, assessments, or paperwork, nor did they have any data that would help them analyse their operations in this area. This lack of processes and resources was inhibiting the company’s ability to attract the talent they needed to maintain operations and they decided it was time to bring in an expert.

The Company

The longest-lasting and most productive cross-cultural partnership in the automotive industry.

The Challenge

Over the course of 10 years of operations in India, the company continually struggled to keep up with labour demands due to a lack of talent strategy or recorded data.

The Solution

As the selected RPO partner, KellyOCG successfully rolled out a phased approach to recruitment across all verticals.

The Result

Acting as an extension of the company’s talent acquisition team, KellyOCG implemented workforce planning processes and strategies that attract a higher volume of qualified talent.

Our Value

  • Established end-to-end recruitment processes
  • Provided consultative, value-add services
  • Achieved joining ratio of 90%