Talent Advisory Services and RPO Solution for a Financial Services Company in Indonesia

Talent Advisory Services and RPO Solution for a Financial Services Company in Indonesia

Following a year of over 70% attrition, a financial services company in Asia-Pacific had reached a critical talent deficit. To bring its workforce up to scale, the company needed to hire more than 2,000 insurance sales representatives within just 15 months.

In addition to backfilling attrition and scaling up for projected growth, the company knew that in order to retain the acquired talent and ensure a pipeline of future candidates, a larger problem needed to be addressed. The company’s unstructured hiring plans, compounded with poor hiring decisions, a lack of applicant tracking system (ATS), selection challenges, and a lack of standard governance were making it near impossible to meet hiring needs. The company was aware of the issues, but didn’t know how to solve them, or even where to start.

The Company

An Indonesian branch of a leading Asia-Pacific financial services company.

The Challenge

Facing extremely high attrition rates, the company was in dire need to hire 2,000+ insurance sales representatives within 15 months, but had no recruitment processes in place and didn’t know where to start.

The Solution

Our Talent Advisory Services consulting team assessed the situation and developed an effective recruitment methodology, SOPs, and other key frameworks and processes.

The Result

The resulting report from our consultation was received so well, the company engaged us to deliver a complete RPO solution and execute upon our recommendations.

Our Value

  • Holistic, partnership approach
  • Critical recruitment methodology
  • Large-scale, expedited RPO

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